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Content is King, or so the old adage goes, but its true, people love stories, people engage with story telling and people who are story tellers are by enlarge interesting to others…

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Content marketing offers many options for addressing target groups and calls for creativity

There is nothing people prefer to find out more about than people. This old journalistic wisdom takes on a new meaning in the age of the internet and social networks. Suddenly anyone can present themselves and publish content. But what is this content worth, how is it found and perceived?

The human means of communication are language and images. This has not changed for many thousands of years. Only the technical possibilities have expanded. It is therefore not surprising that the Internet consists mainly of language and images in the broadest sense. Texts, videos, photos, graphic elements, caricatures, drawings, animations – all these contents are basically just an evolution of the cave painting and campfire storytelling of our ancestors. It’s no wonder, then, that we love browsing the internet for information and entertainment.
Content marketing builds on this basic human need by preparing and making available stories, messages and news from companies. Important for this: It must be serious content that should not only draw attention to the company, but above all inform, advise and entertain. Customers are the focus interesting.

Therefore, it must not place any direct product advertising or your own company in the foreground. In content marketing, honesty, openness and transparency are particularly important.

Work out the uniqueness of your own thoughts in a stylish way
It’s actually quite simple: Just as everyone would like to be addressed and informed themselves, they should also design their content on the Internet. Anyone who offers interesting content is also interesting. Incidentally, exciting and above all unique content, so-called unique content, also produces “fodder” for search engines and leads to a higher ranking for your own website, which in turn improves the general visibility of the content on the Internet.
It should be noted that millions of documents are already available on the web. A lot of content takes up the same topics and is therefore inevitably similar. Therefore, the following applies: the more creative and relevant content is prepared, the greater your chance of actually attracting attention.

This is the great challenge for content marketing. The uniqueness of one’s own thoughts must be worked out in a stylish way so that interested parties are presented with unique content on the web.
Content can also be expanded or summarized from various sources (content curation) and thus offers added value. Product ratings, for example, also lead to an enrichment of a product text.

Don’t be afraid of creativity

Color palette, brushes, tools Content marketing opens up endless opportunities to inform and entertain. However, there are a few rules that form a sensible framework for creativity and also ensure that the content is ranked well by search engines and thus achieves maximum visibility.
All content should be tailored to customer needs and should inform, advise and entertain. In addition, they should not contain any direct product advertising and should not unnecessarily put your company in the foreground, because that makes them implausible and tends to repel users.

Content marketing as a companion

Dartboard with three darts For the right content, a target group analysis is necessary in order to be able to provide the respective customer with the right content for them. Ideally, content marketing accompanies customers on their way to the purchase decision and later on when using the purchased product.

Sometimes even before a purchase decision is made. Consultants or e-books provide information about a topic and only then create a need. On the one hand, the company positions itself as an expert and, on the other hand, topic areas in consumption are opened up

Background information, clearly prepared facts and figures as well as market and industry news, but also stories, for example from a regional, historical, social or cultural environment, are eligible.

Content marketing pursues, among other things, the goals of spreading certain topics, winning new target groups and having a certain relevance for customers in their own industry. The difference to classic advertising is the way to achieve these goals. For example, conventional ads directly advertise products, preferably content management storytelling, the use of new formats such as the podcast and the involvement of the target group through comments and the dissemination of contributions through viral marketing in social networks. In this way, messages can spread uncontrollably like wildfire and not only reach new target groups, but may also set new trends or contribute to socially relevant discussions.

Your own website as a news center

But that’s just part of content marketing. A very important one, because without content there is no content marketing – but the distribution of the content is also part of it. This happens on a variety of channels. Texts can be published on your own website, in a blog or even as comments on other sites. A podcast can also be distributed via iTunes, an e-book on Amazon or iBooks, among others. YouTube is of course the first port of call for videos.

In any case, your own website should function as a kind of news center. This means that all channels come together here. Regardless of whether a link is shared on Twitter or Facebook, a blog post appears or a new video: the visitors of your own website should be informed about it. From here, content marketing can then create an information network that runs through large parts of the Internet. An important aspect: never get bogged down. Nothing is worse than not using a communication channel because there is no content or there is not enough time. If you don’t answer your target group when they comment on texts, ask questions or make suggestions, you lose credibility and cause trouble. Therefore, the motto also applies to content marketing: Less is more. Reach does not build up automatically through the use of many channels in communication, but through qualified use of the right channels and a respectful and careful approach to target groups. People also notice on social media whether a company is genuinely interested in them or they are just a means to increase sales. In any case, content should only arise from an interest in the topic and not exclusively for female reasons.

Perspektivwechsel vom Monolog zum Dialog

Content marketing offers many ways of addressing target groups. Which are the right ones is shown not only by analyzes at the beginning of the relevant measures, but also by ongoing measurements using tools such as analytics and webmaster tools from Google and a large number of other tools such as BuzzSumo and Followerwonk. In this way, the achievement of campaign goals can be constantly monitored and content can be optimized or supplemented if necessary. In connection with an exchange within the target groups, such analyzes provide very precise information in real time about communication successes, difficulties and changes in user behavior or the target groups’ view of their own company.

Dealing with content marketing requires a change of perspective – from the monologue of classic advertising to dialogue in social networks. The reward for this is better knowledge of one’s own customers. And by the way, it’s just fun to tell stories from your own company and to experience how people enjoy it.

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