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Design / Wireframe

Once we have a better picture of what your website needs to achieve, as well as its requirements and individual elements, we need to create a visual representation of how your website design will look.

Every page on your website has both a job to do as well as a relationship with the other pages. Building a wireframe allows you to see an overview of the site layout and how the pages will interact with one another—taking into account your business needs.

Building the structure

The more you research, the better you will design. Thus, prepare the draft design to make your website highly appealing and useful.

  • What do people like or dislike about this design?
  • What buttons are being pressed first?
  • Where does the attention of the user linger?
  • How does the user handle specific tasks, such as finding FAQs or making a purchase?
  • Does any part of the design or workflow confuse the user?

What is a wireframe?
A wireframe allows you to see a visual representation of the layout and structure of your website, and it is an essential tool in the web design process. Wireframes are typically created early in the design process and are used to define the hierarchy and organization of the website’s content and features.

What does a wireframe do?

Clarifying the website’s structure: Wireframes help define the relationships between different pages and the content hierarchy within each page. A wireframe helps ensure that the website has logical and intuitive navigation.

Communicating the design: Wireframes visually represent the website’s layout, which can help communicate the design to clients and other stakeholders.

Saving time and resources: Creating wireframes can save time and resources because they allow designers to iterate on the website’s structure before investing time and effort in creating detailed visual designs.

Facilitating collaboration: Wireframes can facilitate collaboration by providing a common reference point for designers, developers, and clients to discuss and refine the website’s design.

Wireframes are an important tool in the web design process and can help to ensure that the website is well-organized and effective in achieving its goals.

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