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Content Creation

Content is King, or so the adage goes, but it’s true, people love stories, people engage with storytelling, and people who are storytellers are by enlarge interesting to others.

There are several ways to create content for a website, including the following:

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Writing original content: The content can be written by the website owner or a professional writer, either from scratch or by updating existing content.

Curating content from other sources: The website owner can gather and share relevant content from other websites or sources, such as articles, blog posts, or videos.

Creating multimedia content: The website can include multimedia content, such as images, videos, audio recordings, or infographics. This content can be created by the website owner or obtained from external sources.

User-generated content: The website can allow users to create and share their content, such as reviews, ratings, or comments.

Generating dynamic content: The website can use algorithms or data feeds to automatically generate content, such as personalised recommendations or real-time updates.

It is essential to ensure that the content is relevant, accurate, and valuable to the website’s audience and that it aligns with the brand’s voice and tone. The content should also be optimised for search engines to improve the website’s visibility and ranking.

Your website as a news centre

But that’s just part of content marketing. This a very important one because without content, there is no content marketing – but content distribution is also part of it. This happens on a variety of channels. Texts can be published on your website, in a blog or even as comments on other sites. A podcast can also be distributed via iTunes, an e-book on Amazon or iBooks. YouTube is, of course, the first port of call for videos.

Your own website should function as a kind of news centre. This means that all channels come together here. Regardless of whether a link is shared on Twitter or Facebook, a blog post appears or a new video: your website’s visitors should be informed about it. From here, content marketing can create an information network that runs through large parts of the Internet. An important aspect: never get bogged down. Nothing is worse than not using a communication channel because there is no content or enough time. You need to answer your target group when they comment on texts, ask questions or make suggestions to maintain credibility and avoid trouble. Therefore, the motto also applies to content marketing: Less is more. Reach does not build up automatically through the use of many channels in communication but through qualified use of the proper channels and a respectful and careful approach to target groups. People also notice on social media whether a company is genuinely interested in them or they are just a means to increase sales. In any case, content should only arise from an interest in the topic and not exclusively for female reasons.

Change the perspective from Monologue to Dialogue.

Dealing with content marketing requires a change of perspective – from the monologue of traditional advertising to dialogue in social networks. The reward for this is better knowledge of one’s customers. And by the way, it’s just fun to tell stories from your own company and to experience how people enjoy it.

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