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Website maintenance

Website maintenance is the process of keeping a website up-to-date and performing optimally. It includes such tasks as creating new content, marketing material & processes. It also includes housekeeping tasks such as updating the sites’ workings, checking for broken links, backing up the site remotely, ensuring its performance and uptime are monitored, and responding quickly once there is an issue.

Why is website maintenance essential?

It’s an old adage, but never the less, it is still very true, ‘First Impressions are important’. Your website is the first thing a potential customer will see in respect of your business; They are looking for quality-driven, relevant information and expertise. This is when website maintenance becomes crucial. Regular content additions and revisions will assist your website in maintaining & engage your prospective customers while also assisting in maintaining a higher search ranking.

What is Ongoing Support?

Put simply; website maintenance is the process of regularly managing & monitoring your website for faults, ensuring that everything is updated, fully operational and secure. This must be routinely performed to keep the website up-to-date, fully functioning, safe & reliable.

That’s the functional side of things, and then there is the marketing and operational side. It is important just as you do with your business to keep things fresh and topical; content needs to be created, revised or revisited, and customers need to see you are both responsive and active in your field and provide quality-based, relative content and information. This has a significant bearing on your SEO and Google rankings, whilst it has also been shown to encourage traffic growth.

It is essential to keep your website updated, no matter the size of your business. The process enables you to interact and connect with prospective customers and guests on your website while preventing severe, expensive and avoidable issues.

Tasks such as:

  • Page Loading Speed & Issues.
  • Regular, offsite backups of data and media.
  • Updating of Software, Plugins, Libraries.
  • Checking all Forms are working correctly & responses catered for.
  • Database maintenence as well as spam management.
  • Checking broken links & 404 errors.
  • Maintaining control of hosting for optimal performance.
  • Content creation & management.

These tasks are the ones performed on a weekly basis, then there are larger monthly tasks such as:

  • Analytics management & reporting.
  • Conducting security checks.
  • Revising and updating blogs and News postings / pages.
  • Managing your existing advertising and marketing activities.
  • Newsletter and Subscribers list management
  • Brand Identity management
  • IP Protection services.

We are here to help you with your workload as we understand your skillset lies within your business, this is ours.

Its very affordable and after the initial build we simply offer a three tier maintenance plan:

Take a look at our Careplan options here.

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