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Our Process

Our Process is quite in-depth and thorough.

Web design development is the process of creating a website, usually focusing on aesthetic factors like layout, user interface, and other visual elements. A high-level goal of web design is to make a visually appealing website which is also easy to use.

Why does web design matter?

A well-structured and clear website increases traffic and helps visitors understand the business, product, or service by combining text, images, and sometimes animations. As a result, a better user experience helps the business to reach more clients.

The nine steps of web design development

A lot of things need to be considered when creating the website's look and feel. To help you not get overwhelmed, the process of web design development can be divided into nine steps:

Let's go through all the steps one by one.

An Initial Consultation

The focus of the consultation is to gather all the relevant information for the project. We will ask relevant questions in order to better understand the business needs & analyse your requirements.
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Research & Analysis

Planning your website takes a lot of research and aforethought, understanding your business, Your brand as well & the psychology of your colour choices all takes time. There is a lot of data to get through..
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Design / Wireframe

Wireframing allows effective communication between the customer, the designer and the developer. Displaying the structure of the website for all to see without the distraction of design elements like colours & images.
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Content Creation

There is almost nothing as important as your content. It is the ultimate marketing tool, By creating content you are offering useful information to your audience, engaging existing customers, & attracting potential new clients all through quality engagement.
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Code Development

Good code development is at the core of your websites performance. Its not just about making the site look 'pretty' but also ensuring that the website conforms to all design, technical, and accessibility requirements.
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Prototyping & Testing

Prototype testing is an essential step in our product research and design process. It consists of creating a design mock-up or a feature prototype and gathering feedback from your target audience on what works and what doesn’t.
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Marketing, SEO & SEM

So what are SEO or SEM and which is more important? We find It’s best to combine them and take advantage of the potential that each has in order to achieve better overall results.
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Launch the website

Creating a website launch that has a clear strategy and markets your website to the best of its ability will be key in generating that all-important buzz for existing and new clients.
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Ongoing Support

Your house, car, body & website all need regular work. It isnt just fixing the bugs it's about more. Upgrading the site with content, maybe integrating it with new systems..these are all part of making the site a success.
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